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So, after seeing the female armor Armstreet Armory was selling, I figured I’d go check them out. They at least have practical-ish female, right? So I started scrolling through the page. 

And then I became infuriated. (Understatement of the year so far.)

Their armor is pretty. Very pretty even. Probably even pretty practical. You know what’s not? ANY pictures they have of women in armor. Why? NONE OF THEM ARE WEARING CLOTHES. 

So let’s take a look: Any of the males in armor are wearing FULLY practical armor. They’re wearing (a)clothes, (b)gambisons, (c)chainmail, and then (d)the plate armor. Occasionally they skip the chainmail. Great! That’s how it should be done! 

Any of the females in armor are wearing. (a)Armor… and shoes. (Not even practical shoes, but string sandals!) THAT’S IT! No gambison, no chainmail, not even a shirt and pants/skirt. Nothing. There’s one picture that’s an exception which is for their Warrior Skirt. And because it’s just the skirt they’re selling they put her in a shirt. And just a shirt. 

Why is this okay? Why is it assumed that even “practical” female armor still has to be super sexy with all of this skin showing? (You know, those places that then get cut… what armor’s supposed to prevent.) This is the same as a (chainmail) bikini in the middle of winter, instead now you’ve made it a one piece suit to help the rest of us instead of adding the necessary layers as well.

Fuck that! I’m so sick and tired of no companies taking female fighters seriously. Is it that hard to produce the same armor for men but with a narrower shoulder and a higher waist? I’m now wondering where the women of the SCA get their gear or if it’s all custom made. 

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    So, after seeing the female armor Armstreet Armory was selling, I figured I’d go check them out. They at least have...
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    I am so glad I’m not the only one who was upset with this. All the women I know have had to get their armour custom...
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    Holy shit, what about the chafing?! Metal is not comfortable on human skin! Aaagh!
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    I spent MONTHS looking for practical armor I could buy off rack that would work with my proportions (male armor’s not...
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    Damn, you took the words out of my mouth… I got super excited when I saw that the lady didn’t have her upper chest...
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    Doesn’t that chafe the legs? Yeeegs.
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